John Patrick Cobb

After the death of Aline in 1972, artist John Patrick Cobb painted the white washed interior with inspiring Biblical murals. Around 1978 John asked Aline’s son, Frank Carter, if he could paint the chapel interior.  By that time the chapel had fallen in a state of disrepair, having faced Hurricane Celia a few years earlier in 1970. 

For about a month John set about removing the white paint on the original stucco using hammers, sanding and blasting.  Once removed, he applied a new coat of natural hide glue and homemade gesso.  Having set the walls, John was able to begin applying his vision.  The murals depict Old Testament stories along the north wall and imagery from the New Testament on the south wall. The entire painting process occurred over a series of visits which may have spanned a few years.  John later created a second chapel as a continuing part of his vision, however, it is not a building structure but rather an assembled exhibit which may be seen at art venues when in show.

John Cobb entered the Rhode Island School of Design in 1976, pursued independent study in Europe and later returned to Austin where he received his art degree at St. Edward’s University in 1983.

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