Is the chapel privately owned? Yes, the chapel is privately owned and remains in the Carter family.

Do we provide rentals?  We do not provide tables and chairs.  Please contact your rental company or caterer for these items.

Smoking?  No smoking. The entire property is a smoke free environment.

Candles/Fire?  No candles or flames please.

Decorations?  Please keep the chapel clean and leave it as it was found.  No items or decorations may be taped, glued or fixed to the walls or altar.  No glitter, confetti, rice, faux flower petals or the like are permitted.  No food is permitted in the chapel.

Time needed for set up and take down?  Your vendors may have access up to 4 hours prior to the event.  They will have 2 hours to clean up and remove all trash and rentals.  There is risk of loosing part of the deposit if the property is not totally cleaned.

Wedding services in the chapel?  A small wedding may be performed in the chapel.

How many people can the inside of the chapel hold? About 25-30+. See Below:
Seating: Inside seating fits 18-22.  Usually there are 3 adults per bench for a total of eighteen 18.  
Back of Chapel (Standing Room Back): Additional standing room available in the back comfortably allows for about 6 more adults.  Onlookers from the doorway and windows and/or aisle may increase the number of guests. 
Altar (Standing Room Front): The altar typically accommodates an officiant (1), marrying couple (2) and about 4-6 bridesmaids and groomsmen, for a total of 7-9.
Total: We typically say the inside capacity is between 25-30 people total.  These are the comfortable numbers, with additional standing in the aisle, doorway, windows and tight seating allowing for more.

Parking?  Parking is available in the empty lot on the corner of Avenue B and 11th Street.  Please do not park in neighboring lots or rental house spaces.

Wheelchair accessible?  The historic chapel is located on a natural sand dune with some 22 stairs to the top.  It is not accessible to wheelchairs.

What are the viewing days and hours for tours? The chapel may be toured via the Port Aransas Museum every first and third Saturday.  Please contact the museum for more information: https://portaransasmuseum.org/

May we request a different day and time to tour? The Port Aransas Museum occasionally offers tours upon request.  Please contact the museum for more information: https://portaransasmuseum.org/

May we rent the rental house below the chapel? The cottage below the chapel stairs, located at 203 S. 11th St., is available for rentals by the wedding party.  BeeGee’s Coastal QuartersAirbnb, or VRBO rental services are available for booking.  The vacation rental is known as “Chapel Cottage.”  It is a fully updated house built in 1949 in “Old Town” Port Aransas.  The house includes two (2) bathrooms and sleeps eight (8). It is within walking distance to the beach and in close proximity to favorite local restaurants of Port A.